Setting up your Twitch livestream

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Getting started setting up your Twitch livestream

Setting up your twitch livestream is very easy. In order to stream to Twitch you need to sign up for a free twitch account, and also to go here and download this free open source software:

OBS is used to broadcast to twitch.  It is really handy and neat free software with so many options and tools for broadcasting over the internet.   You just have to connect it to your twitch.  When you instal it, it prompts you right away to do that. If you ever need to know what your private stream key is you can find in your Twitch channel settings here:  

Click your user icon in the top right corner of Twitch.

In the menu click on “Video Producer”. Then over to the left there is another menu. If you click “Preferences” a sub menu appears. Click on “Stream”.

Under stream preferences you can find your stream key.

Taking setting up your Twitch livestream another level

Setting up your twitch livestream is not only very easy, but extremely customizable using OBS. In OBS your first panel is for scenes. Scenes are for designing/customizing your broadcasts if you are planning or more than one kind.

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