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Password managers are software. Often built into your operating system. Often directly built into internet browsers, or third party software you can install onto your computer. Its sole very important job is to allow you to use different login names and passwords when signing up for online or offline services, and other user accounts. Storing them safely (encrypted) for only you to access when you need them. Now a days most people are familiar with using them and have probably used them in their browser. Do you ever get asked to save a user name and password when visiting websites. Only to have it autofill?

This is an extremely important feature and concept that everyone needs to understand.

Cyber security is something everyone should take seriously. At the very least having your social media account hijacked by someone with relatively benign intentions, can be an annoying headache and waste too much time out of your day. This time, hassle, and stress can be amplified tenfold if it is your bank, credit card, or social security account that gets hacked. All these things and more are online these days and require you to login with a user name and password. If you use a weak password or use the same user name and login for everything it could potentially ruin your entire life. The reality is more people still do this than not. They do this because of the hassle of memorizing multiple passwords.

It takes a small amount of learning. Once you choose and learn your password manager. You can have peace of mind and much less a chance of EVER having security issues.

Password managers built in for free

MAC OSX – KeyChain

ALL Major internet browsers come with one

Next level third party password managers




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